Director’s Statement

I know a thing or two about making deals with the devil. Evil is seductive and enticing. Let’s face it – evil can be downright fucking sexy. But the more you realize its total ambiguity, the more frightening it becomes… and the harder it is to escape.

Which leads me to what I feel that “Providence” is, at its core; a tale of the cold, hard consequence of seeking out evil for all the wrong reasons. It is about the consequence of a young, naive crook’s foolish willingness to shake hands with a nameless devil, in his attempt to become a contract killer. But his desire to join the profession isn’t due to an inherent lust for blood, nor is it a way to control some raging beast within his soul.

No, in our hero’s childish mind, killing other human beings just seems like an easy way to make a whole lot of money. And the old man that this young fool chooses as a mentor leads him on a gradual trip into a darkness that he finds himself completely unprepared to navigate.

Lured into a labyrinth of deception, the destructive outward spiral due to his one bad decision seems to have no end.

Yes, “Providence” is a tale of consequences that dives straight into the dark depths of the unknown, without wallowing in the preachy, black and white waters of morality.

– Kai Blackwood, Director

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